Now you’re gone, and my life is split to two;

There was always the one before you, and now there is the one after you.






Everything comes in pairs; or at least it comes with its equal opposite –

There is love and there is hate. With happiness, sadness comes along. Success feels great yet it is only possible through failures.

One is a clear mirror to the other; and to have a world filled with goodness alone is a mere hope that I allow myself to dream upon.





To anyone who reading this, remember that:

There’ll always be someone who will always love you in spite of everything and this people are precious. Keep them.

I experienced this today. And I am grateful that I met them.

They see how special you are even when you can’t. They love you so much even when you don’t. They are always to there for you, to keep you safe and to pick you up if you fall.






A human living like a ghost, that’s me. Hollow inside and out.

I have always had problems with emotions,

So I try not to make interaction with anyone, or be close with anyone.

As a result, I am constantly alone. And when you start being alone for a long period of time, you’ll feel the numbness. You just don’t feel.

I don’t feel sad, angry or anything at all. Everyday I wake up, get dressed and go to work and come back. And that is the routine – every single day. I thought that not having a care in the world, is a good thing.

But I don’t get why I’m not okay with it.Like something is not right.







I noticed something today. In a relationship ( be it any ), we often don’t talk about problems we have with the other person because we don’t want to hurt them.

Then we start talking about them to other person, and the sad thing is that the other person never knows what was wrong- they were never given a chance to fix it.

Instead of telling the person, instead of confronting saying “hey, we need to talk” ;we bottled it up, and up until one point we’ll explode.

Or maybe we stopped talking altogether. And that person is left wondering where they went wrong.

It happened to me before so I know how hurtful that is, I never knew where I went wrong – no one even talked to me about it. And now, I see it is happening again to someone else.