Young girl holding skateboard and preparing for a ride


I miss your scent, your smile, the wrinkle around your eyes


above all I miss us.





At this moment I’m at the lowest point in my life. I’m demotivated, I feel useless, worthless. Honestly, I feel like a piece of shit. I wake up in the morning and I don’t know what to do.

And you know what I do? I eat. I eat and eat and eat. It doesn’t make the feelings go away but it makes me occupied for a while. I felt lost, not really knowing what to do. Not knowing what ways, I can do to improve.

So, I just sat in my bed. Sometimes I go to sleep, because when I wake up the day is over. Then, I go to sleep again.  I feel like whatever I’ve been doing leading up to this have all been for nothing.

I’m fucking tired of this.

Sometimes I tried, to be positive, to just push through the day and be happy and try to make something out of it but then I am reminded of how no one really recognizes what I do.

So, what’s the point? And I just ended up stopped doing anything that I was doing.

Somehow, I need to break this cycle. Or else I would lose myself.