Yesterday, I closed another chapter in my life. One that I fought so hard for.

Ending this part of my life, I was reborn; a better matured person. And during that time, I learned how painful heartbroken is, how people eventually grew apart of one another and how at the end, if it was never meant for you, it will never be yours.

To all of whom I met and knew, the memories will forever be part of me. To those few whom I had the chance to be close with, remember that there is a special place in my heart for you guys. Those late night trips, all those random things we did I will treasure it the most. For I know that everything happened for a reason and you guys will be forever missed.





Everything comes in pairs; or at least it comes with its equal opposite –

There is love and there is hate. With happiness, sadness comes along. Success feels great yet it is only possible through failures.

One is a clear mirror to the other; and to have a world filled with goodness alone is a mere hope that I allow myself to dream upon.