Sometimes it’s necessary to fall,

Because then you’ll learn how to survive.





As I grew older, I became more and more afraid of the future. Of those uncertainties, of what yet to come.

The fear of falling apart makes me settled for something less. Because it’s easier, it’s safer and it’s what everyone else is doing.

I used to be proud of myself, of what I wanted to do, of all the things I wanted to achieve. I pride myself on that you know.

Once, I used to walk tall. But as life goes by, I kept getting shorter and now without I even realized I’m barely standing.




Everything comes in pairs; or at least it comes with its equal opposite –

There is love and there is hate. With happiness, sadness comes along. Success feels great yet it is only possible through failures.

One is a clear mirror to the other; and to have a world filled with goodness alone is a mere hope that I allow myself to dream upon.